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Decorate your princess party with this pretty customisable birthday bunting. Personalised and eco-friendly, surprise your little one my draping this gorgeous bunting across their party. Style this birthday bunting with princess party decorations from our Princess Party collection, full of lovely pink and gold balloons, décor and tableware. Each pack contains 1 x Happy Birthday Garland on 3 strands measuring 1.5m. Customisable letters including: 2 x T letters, 1 x H letters, 1 x S letters, 1 x R letters, 1 x N letters, 2 x D letters Customisable numbers including: 1 x 0 numbers, 2 x 1 numbers, 1 x 2 numbers, 1 x 3 numbers, 1 x 4 numbers, 1 x 5 numbers, 1 x 6 numbers, 1 x 7 numbers, 1 x 8 numbers, 1 x 9 numbers 8 x white and pink ombre tassels measuring 20cm when folded 2 x card horses and thin white twine included for easy assembly
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